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Lalit Chaudhary

Senior Manager


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


14 Years


Lalit Chaudhary, an esteemed professional, currently assumes the distinguished mantle of Senior Manager at EXL Analytics, flaunting an illustrious track record of over 14 years in the realm of Machine Learning and Data Analytics. Armed with the esteemed accolades of a B.Tech degree and an MBA, Lalit has meticulously refined his prowess through tenures at Ericsson, Polaris, and Barclays prior to his current stewardship. Possessing an innate acumen in banking and finance, Lalit brings forth invaluable perspectives and adept skills to his role, catalyzing the inception of innovative solutions that herald business growth and triumph. His sagacious lineage in education, coaching, and mentorship stands as a testament to his mettle, having amassed over a decade of experience in nurturing the nascent talents of college students and non-technical professionals, orchestrating their seamless transition into the labyrinthine realms of technical domains, thereby augmenting their competencies and paving the way for illustrious career trajectories.

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