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Arvind Chaudhary

Vice President


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


16 Years


Arvind Chaudhary, an adept luminary presently occupying the prestigious Vice President role at NatWest Group, brings forth a plethora of seasoned acumen in Machine Learning and Data Analytics, spanning a remarkable tenure of over 15 years. Graduating with a distinguished engineering degree and further refining his craft at the esteemed IIM Ahmedabad, Arvind has navigated pivotal roles at illustrious establishments such as Aon, TCS, EXL, Barclays, and Bank of America, preceding his current stewardship at NatWest Group. His multifaceted background and profound expertise render him an invaluable luminary in propelling avant-garde, data-driven strategies and solutions within the financial realm. Exhibiting an illustrious history steeped in erudition, coaching, and mentorship, Arvind has amassedly gleaned over 12 years of expertise in shepherding aspiring students and non-technical professionals through the intricate corridors of technical domains, thereby augmenting their cognizance and prowess towards triumphant career trajectories.

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