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Sachin Goel

Assistant Vice President


Data Analytics & Finance


14 Years


As an Assistant Vice President at Citi Corp in Thailand, Sachin Goel, expertise ranges over 15 years of extensive work in Machine Learning and Data Analytics. During his professional journey, he served on notable positions with highly reputed organisations like Ericsson, JPMC, Liberty Mutual, and Barclays prior to his current role with his B.Tech degree and a Masters in Science from the United States. 

Sachin, profoundly versed in banking and freelancing projects in finance brings forth invaluable insights and capabilities, driving innovative solutions that fuel business growth and prosperity. Beyond his professional achievements, Sachin boasts a distinguished track record in education, coaching, and mentorship, amassing over a decade of experience aiding college students and non-technical professionals in transitioning into technical domains, thereby enriching their skill sets and facilitating prosperous career pathways.

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