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Arzoo Verma



Data Analytics & Automation


7 Years


Arzoo Verma, leading Data Analytics and Data Visualisation as a Manager at EXL in India with over 7 years of extensive expertise. Arzoo has cultivated his skills through notable roles at Mercer, EValueserve, and Confidential prior to assuming his current position with her B.Tech Degree. 

Her profound comprehension of the Banking and Retail sectors equips her to provide invaluable insights and innovative solutions, driving substantial business growth and success. Arzoo, in her entire career has always an inclination to education, coaching, and mentorship. Over the course of a decade, she has been instrumental in guiding college students and non-technical professionals through transitions into technical domains. Through his mentorship initiatives, Arzoo has empowered individuals to enhance their competencies, thereby facilitating prosperous career trajectories.

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